You can hire the wrong software engineer, or you can use Nigma.

Introducing the new standard for hiring great software engineers.

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What is the Beta Program?

We’re building a product that helps startup founders hire great software engineers.

This Beta program is for those startups that need help with this straight away and don't mind something that could be a little rough around the edges.

So if this is something you are currently experiencing then we recommend that you sign up.

What do you get out of the Beta Program?

You’ll get exclusive access to:

  • Updates on our progress.
  • Drive the features that are most important to you and your business.
  • Our Startup Diary: The good, the bad and the ugly of building a product. This may help you with any future startup journey that you embark on.

What we're concentrating on...

Code Tests that Test Reality

Reducing Bias in Hiring Decisions

Metric Driven Decisions

Replacing the CV

Frequently asked questions

What exactly are you making?

A technical hiring tool for startups to hire great software engineers. Startups are on tight deadlines to get their product out the door quickly and meet investor targets. When they hire the wrong software engineer to build their product, this can cost them heavily, reducing the likelihood of startup success. With candidates, time and time again they are asked to solve computational challenges in interviews which don’t truly reflect real-world scenarios.

Also, often great ones are missed due to being dismissed due to education criteria or failing to sell themselves in an interview. But not anymore. We are building a technical hiring tool, that focuses full time on code tests that test real-world developer scenarios so that we can help startup founders make unbiased, better-informed hiring decisions to help them get to optimal productivity faster.

And who are you guys?

Conor is a software engineer with a consultancy background from Deloitte Digital. After Graduating from Computer Science, Conor spent 2 years managing and delivering meetups & hackathons, attracting and building trust with some of the best software engineers across Ireland. Through taking a project-based approach to tech education he has helped 150+ software engineers develop new skills along with helping them to identify early-stage startups & fast-growing technology companies that value engineering culture. Some of which include: Bazaarvoice, Gitlab, Rapid7, Deloitte Digital, Flexera.

Declan is a software engineer that has been crafting software for 10+ years working with clients such as BBC to name a few. Declan recently started building his own software engineering firm and quickly realised the amount of time and money he was spending on having to correctly evaluate and assess technical candidates. After meeting Conor through a referral, they set out on a mission.

What's after Beta?

Right now, the focus is responding to feedback so we are really trying to make it great.